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Hi COVID-19 Children’s eBook Competition Participants,
We are excited about your interest in the competition, and look forward to reading your eBooks!
We have received a number of questions and encourage you to continue to submit them on this Devpost site or by emailing us at FAQs are listed below and we will continue to update this list throughout the competition.
1. Is there a participation age limit?
No, there is no age limit. The competition is open to ALL.
2. Can the eBook be a team effort?
Yes. A common “team” includes an author and illustrator. There are no limitations on the number of people who can work on your eBook. Only one person should register with Devpost and submit the eBook.
3. Can you submit an eBook that has already been accepted by a publisher?
No, this competition if for new, unpublished books only.
4. What is the page limit for the eBook?
We do not have specific page or word limits for the eBook. We advise you to review resources available online for general guidance on writing children’s books.

Good Luck!
The EGHI Team


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